INTERVIEW | Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI started from humble life to reach the leadership of the Grand Lodge of Ghana

Saturday, 16 November 2013

INTERVIEW | Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI started from humble life to reach the leadership of the Grand Lodge of Ghana

On 18 May 2013 the Grand Master of Ghana granted an interview to PM Express TV Show (moderator: Nana Ansah Kwaw), being the first interview as Grand Master.

In the first part of the interview the Grand Master spoke about his life and how he has evolved personally and professionally. Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI is, as stated by APMR's Secretary-General: "a person, a Brother simple but profound and pragmatic at the same time". Smiling, relaxed and proud of his son and daughter, the Grand Master Ghanaian is not just a Freemason, he is also a businessman and a local chieftain of a traditional realm. "I'm the last person who to speak," said the Grand Master when asked about the responsibilities of a local chief. He also added that "If you are a leader and you can not lead people from point A to point B in progress, then you failed!".

Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI said he has entered into Freemasonry 30 years ago and that the most impressive office he hold was that of Master of his Lodge. When Nana Ansah Kwaw asked whether an atheist can be a Freemason, the Grand Master replied: "No, no and triple no!".

At some point in the interview, the discussion touched on a relevant topic regarding the negative perception Freemasonry "enjoys" among the profane world. The moderator brought up the issue that Lodges when working have their doors closed and no one knows what happens inside. The Ghanaian Grand Master smiled and said: you saw a Church that keeps the doors open when the old (to be read leaders) decide your faith?! "Are you a Christian?" asked moderator and the Grand Master proudly answer was: "Ohhh... Yeah!".

At the end of the interview, Otwasuom Osae Nyampong VI said that "a Freemason must not disappoint a Brother never" and that "Freemasonry teaches you life's purpose". With a rising Ghanaian Freemasonry, the current Grand Master wants to leave to his successors, in a four years from now, a strong and equipped Grand Lodge.


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