African Grand Lodges attended GLNF's Annual Communication in Paris

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

African Grand Lodges attended GLNF's Annual Communication in Paris

According to the Masonic Press Agency, the Grand Lodges of Ghana (represented by the Grand Master), Mauritius (represented by the Assistant Grand Master), Niger (represented by the Grand Master), Cameroon (represented by the Grand Master, which is also Minister of Foreign Affairs of his country), Djibouti (represented by the Deputy Grand Master), Congo (represented by the Pro Grand Master), Morocco (represented by the Grand Master), Guinea (represented by the Grand Master), Burkina Faso (represented by the Assistant Grand Master and by the Grand Chancellor), Madagascar (represented by the Assistant Grand Master), Benin (represented by the Grand Master), Togo (represented by the Grand Master), Ivory Coast (represented by the Grand Master) and Gabon (represented by the Past Grand Master) attended the Annual Communication of the French National Grand Lodge held on December 6th in Paris. 


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